Who am I and why should you care?

First things first, you may have stumbled onto this page for various reasons. Maybe you’re an Anglican looking for Anglican resources to deepen your theology. Maybe you’re a Protestant or Roman Catholic wondering what the Anglican Church is. Maybe you were trying to look up something about angels. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tim. I currently live in Indiana and I have a dog named Quigley and a girlfriend named Rachel. I am an Anglican Catholic and I love my faith. I love my church and I love theology. I am not a bishop or a priest, or even a deacon. I am a layperson. I have no theological degree. So why should you care what I have to say here and by what authority do I say it? I am a total theology nerd. I spend most of my evenings reading Lancelot Andrews, or JC Ryle. Or maybe more contemporary sources like NT Wright. My brain nearly constantly distills theological knowledge into daily applications. I was constantly writing down the things I’d learned and so I decided to synthesize my writings into this blog. As for authority….well the good news is I have none! Which means you can take or leave what I have to say here as either the wisdom of a devout man, or the ramblings of bored, self-described theologian. Pick your poison. But I do hope that what I say here has a positive effect on your life. I do try very hard to be correct.

Why Armchair Anglican?

I sifted through many many names for the blog. I knew I wanted something that identified myself with the Anglican Church and I knew I wanted it to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. One night I was sitting in my armchair smoking a pipe, drinking a glass of whiskey and reading some Thomas Aquinas when I had a very important realization: This is how I loved to learn about my faith. Getting together with my friends for beer and in-depth theological discussion is very fine, but all of my deepest growth in my faith has has come from this very chair where I write this now. I also wanted my words to be open and direct, accessible to everyone. Not everyone will sit down in their favorite chair in the evenings and read Polycarp or Saint Benedict. In fact, it seems that nowadays no one wants to take the time to really dive deep into theology. The Church Fathers as seen as stuffy old dead people who’s teachings have little impact on our modern, enlightened world. I hope that I may serve as a bridge between them and you, dear reader. Because it doesn’t matter to me whether you agree with my synthesis or not. If you agree, fantastic. If not, I hope you may identify why. Either way, you have grown stronger and more resolved in your own faith and that is for the better. Unless of course you believe some vile heresy, in which case you must repent immediately.